Your own Branding

Our software name is optional. You can change it to show your own

Your own domain & Hosting

Host on your own domain name and hosting


Upload your PDF to FTP and it gets converted to PNG automatically before your publishing time.

FTP Support

If you have multiple editions, forget about manually uploading them. Just upload to FTP and it will get uploaded before publishing time

Area map editor

Map and link areas on your PDF and it automatically crops as required.

Preview on social media sharing

When a clip is shared on social media, it will appear cropped in preview as well.

Website is built as App

Built by default as PWA - Progressive Web App. When it is added as shortcut on homescreen on mobile, it will open as an APP

Users can Register Optional

Allow users to register and login to epaper website


Allow users to bookmark news that they like

Save as favorite

Allow users to save an issue as favorite


Enable and optionally add paywall to allow premium access

Subscription Packages

Customize and create Subscription packages for your users and charge for users.

Automatic Updates

One-click updates directly from your WordPress update screen.

Autotagging API Premium

Autotagging API Subscription allows you to tag your page without