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Introducing AutoTag API: Revolutionize Your Content with Intelligent Image Processing

Unlock the Power of Intelligent Content Organization

What is it?

An API that can integrate with E-Paper Pro or any other software. It takes newspaper/Magazine image URL and API Key as input and responds back with the coordinates of different parts of image image like photograph, heading, news block, article and highlights.

It can identify:

  • Photograph,
  • Heading
  • News Block
  • Article
  • Highlights.

Elevate your digital publication experience with the E-Paper Pro API – a cutting-edge solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your E-Paper Pro plugin. Our API takes newspaper image URLs and API keys as inputs, delivering a robust response that includes coordinates for various elements within the image.

Key Features:

1. Image Intelligence:

  • Our API employs advanced image processing algorithms and AI to identify and extract different elements within a newspaper image, including photographs, headings, news blocks, articles, and highlights.

2. Effortless Integration:

  • Seamlessly integrate the E-Paper Pro API into your existing workflow. Simply provide the newspaper image URL and API key, and receive comprehensive coordinate data in response.

3. Coordinate Mapping:

  • Gain access to precise coordinates for each identified element, allowing for granular control and customization within the E-Paper Pro plugin.

4. Customizable Content Blocks:

  • Utilize the coordinate data to create tailored content blocks within your digital publications. Enhance user engagement by showcasing photographs, headlines, and articles in a visually appealing and organized manner.

5. Streamlined Content Management:

  • Effortlessly organize and structure your content based on intelligent coordinates. Simplify the management of news articles, highlights, and more within the E-Paper Pro ecosystem.

How It Works:

  1. Input Newspaper Image URL: Provide the URL of your newspaper image.
  2. API Key Authentication: Authenticate with your API key for secure and authorized access.
  3. Receive Comprehensive Coordinates: Get detailed coordinates for photographs, headings, news blocks, articles, and highlights.

Enhance Your User Experience:

Whether you’re a publisher, editor, or developer, the E-Paper Pro API opens doors to a new realm of content customization. Tailor your digital publications with precision, creating a more engaging and reader-friendly experience.

Get Started Today:

Ready to revolutionize your content management? Integrate the E-Paper Pro API into your E-Paper Pro plugin and experience the future of intelligent image processing. Contact our sales team to discuss pricing, licensing, and implementation details.

Transform your digital publications with E-Paper Pro API – Where Image Intelligence meets Seamless Integration!

The Access to this API is available currently on Invite only Basis. To get an invite please write to [email protected] detailing how you are planning to use it.